Thursday, October 29, 2009


We are halfway through the semester and it has gone by so fast!
I feel that I have a much better understanding of the body and of some of the larger muscle groups. I feel much better about gesture drawings and although I get anxious to do longer poses, its always a good way to start out the class and get into the swing of things and the drawing mindset. I still feel like I could work on my speed though and making sure I get the whole body. With longer poses I feel that I just need more practice. I have difficulty with proportion at times, especially with limbs, and with figuring out planes. I think more exploration with contour drawings will help in gaining better knowledge and awareness of planes and how the body moves in space. I think one of my strengths is the use of line and the weight of lines and would like to see that transfer into some longer poses or in details. I still really enjoy building the muscles on my manikin and gaining a better understanding of their interaction and form on the body. I think I can work on really forming and developing the transitions from one muscle to another and the interaction in groups of muscles.
To see what I have done so far please take a look at my pictures on flicker

Saturday, October 10, 2009

And we are back

After a week off from lifedrawing...which was kinda nice to have some extra time seeing that my computer crashed and I lost everything and had some catching up to do with a few things at that point...we are back to working on our manikins and drawing. We have talked about the ribcage and the position of that with the body which I find helps a lot while drawing. We have also added abs to our manikins so they are starting to take shape!
(pictures to come)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Meet ______________

Meet ________...ok so I don't have a name for my manikin yet but I will keep you posted...
We continue to work from the model this week. We also got our manikins and started to talk about the muscles. We are starting with the back muscles. I really like this part of class, its really cool to see how individual muscles are on the body and how they build up on each other.